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Local Anesthetic Toxic Dose Calculator

Input the patient’s weight in pounds in the yellow box and press “enter” on your keyboard.
To calculate the toxic dose of a 1:1 mixture, mark the two corresponding yellow boxes with an “x”

-These calculations assume weight-based toxic doses as defined. Note, these can vary depending on manufacturer and country recommendations.

-These limits are based off recommendations for normal, healthy adults undergoing most routine procedures.

-Toxicity may depend on patient-specific, site-specific and block-specific factors and should be fully assessed on an individual basis.

-For more information on local anesthetic use and recommendations in podiatric surgery, refer to Kihm’s Podiatry Institute Update Article, 2011.

-Maximal total recommended doses: Lidocaine plain 300mg, Lidocaine with Epi 500mg; Marcaine plain 175mg, Marcaine with Epi 225mg.

-When weight-based limits exceed maximum total dose limits, maximum total doses are used.

-Lidocaine and marcaine are believed to have additive toxic effects in humans.

-Use at your own discretion. No liability is assumed for overadministration of local anesthetic.

Download the EXCEL Spreadsheet from here for further calculations.

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