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Laryngeal Mask Airway


Classic LMA Specifications

Mask Size(1) [weight < 5 kg] inflation volume: 4 mg
Mask Size(1.5) [weight 5 – 10 kg]  inflation volume: 7 mg
Mask Size(2) [weight 10 – 20 kg] inflation volume: 10 mg
Mask Size(2.5) [weight 20 – 30 kg] inflation volume: 14 mg
Mask Size(3) [weight 30 – 50 kg] inflation volume: 20 mg
Mask Size(4) [weight 50 – 70 kg] inflation volume: 30 mg
Mask Size(5) [weight 70 – 100 kg] inflation volume: 40 mg
Mask Size(6) [weight > 100 kg]

The LMA Classic

The LMA Unique (disposable LMA)

is a disposable version, making it ideal for emergency and prehospital settings.

The LMA Fastrach (intubating LMA)

an intubating LMA (ILMA), is designed to serve as a conduit for intubation. Although most LMA designs can serve this purpose, the LMA Fastrach has special features that increase the rate of successful intubation and do not limit the size of the endotracheal tube (ETT). These features include an insertion handle, a rigid shaft with anatomical curvature, and an epiglottic elevating bar designed to lift the epiglottis as the ETT passes.

The LMA Flexible / Wire-Reinforced

has softer tubing. It is not used the in the emergency setting.

The LMA ProSeal

has the addition of a channel for the suctioning of gastric contents. It also allows for 50% higher pressures without a leak. However, it does not permit blind intubation and is not currently used in the emergency setting.

The LMA Supreme

which is a newer design, is similar to the ProSeal and has a built-in bite block.

The LMA CTrach

which inserts like the LMA Fastrach and has built-in fiberoptics with a video screen that affords a direct view of the larynx.

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