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Anesthesia Information and Emergency Medicine

Procedure Cost Estimation

1 unit =$42.00
00100Anesthesia for salivary glands5$210.00
00103For reconstruction procedures of eyelid5$210.00
00104Anesthesia for electroconvulsive therapy4$168.00
00120Anesthesia for procedures on external, middle, and inner ear5$210.00
00140Anesthesia for procedures on eye5$210.00
00142lens surgery4$168.00
00144corneal transplant6$252.00
00160Anesthesia for procedures on nose and accessory sinuses5$210.00
00162radical surgery7$294.00
00164biopsy, soft tissue4$168.00
00170Anesthesia for intra-oral procedures5$210.00
00174Excision of retropharygeal tumor6$252.00
00176radical surgery7$294.00
00190Anesthesia for facial bones or skull5$210.00
00192radical surgery 7$294.00
00210Anesthesia for intracranial procedures11$462.00
00212subdural taps5$210.00
00214burr holes9$378.00
00215elevation of depressed skull fracture, extradural 9$378.00
00216vascular procedures15$630.00
00218sitting position13$546.00
00220spinal fluid shunting procedures10$420.00
00222electrocoagulation of intracranial nerve6$252.00
00300Anesthesia for all procedures on integumentary system of neck5$210.00
00320Anesthesia for esophagus, thyroid, larynx, trachea, lymphatic system of neck6$252.00
00322needle biopsy of thyroid3$126.00
00350Anesthesia for procedures on major vessels of neck10$420.00
00352simple ligation5$210.00
00400Anesthesia for anterior integumentary system of extrem. and trunk3$126.00
00402reconstruction procedures on breast5$210.00
00404radical or modified radical proc.5$210.00
00410electrical conversion of arrhythmias4$168.00
00450Anesthesia for procedures on clavicle and scapula5$252.00
00452radical surgery6$252.00
00454biopsy of clavicle3$126.00
00470Anesthesia for partial rib resection6$252.00
00472thoracoplasty (any type)10$420.00
00474radical procedures (e.g., pectus excavatum)13$546.00
00500Anesthesia for all procedures on esophagus15$630.00
00520Anesthesia for closed chest procedures (including bronchoscopy)6$252.00
00522needle biopsy of pleura4$168.00
00528mediastinoscopy, not using one lung8$336.00
00530Anesthesia for permanent transvenous pacemaker insertion4$168.00
00532Anesthesia for access to central venous circulation4$168.00
00534Anesthesia for transvenous insertion or replacement of pacing cardioverter7$294.00
00537Anesthesia for cardiac electrophysiologic proc/10$420.00
00539Anesthesia for tracheobronchial reconstruction18$756.00
00540Anesthesia for thoracotomy procedures 13$546.00
00541Utilizing one lung ventilation15$630.00
00546pulmonary resection with thoracoplasty15$630.00
00548intrathoracic procdures on `trachea and bronchi15$630.00
00550Anesthesia forsternal debridement10$420.00
00560Anesthesia for procedures on heart, pericardium, and great vessels of chest; 15$630.00
00562with pump oxygenator20$840.00
00563With pump oxygenator/hypothermic25$1,050.00
00566Anestheisa for direct coronary bypass grafting25$1,050.00
00580Anesthesia for heart transplant or heart/lung transplant20$840.00
00600Anesthesia for procedures on cervical spine and cord10$420.00
00604posterior cervical laminectomy in sitting position13$546.00
00620Anesthesia for procedures on thoracic spine and cord; not otherwise specified10$420.00
00622thoracolumbar sympathectomy13$546.00
00630Anesthesia for procedures in lumbar region; not otherwise specified8$336.00
00632lumbar sympathectomy7$294.00
00635Diagnostic or therapeutic lumbar puncture4$168.00
00640Anesthesia for manipulation of spine or for closed procedures3$126.00
00670Anesthesia for extensive spine and spinal cord procedures 13$546.00
00700Anesthesia for procedures on upper abd. Wall3$126.00
00702percutaneous liver biopsy4$168.00
00730Anesthesia for upper posterior abdominal wall5$210.00
00740Anesthesia for upper gastrointestinal endoscopic procedures5$210.00
00750Anesthesia for hernia repairs in upper abdomen; not otherwise specified4$168.00
00752lumbar and ventral (incisional) hernias and/or wound dehiscence6$252.00
00756transabdominal repair of diaphragmatic hernia7$294.00
00770Anesthesia for all procedures on major abdominal blood vessels15$630.00
00790Anesthesia for intraperitoneal procedures in upper abdomen7$294.00
00792partial hepatectomy or mgmt of liver hemorrage13$546.00
00794pancreatectomy, partial or total (e.g., Whipple procedure)8$336.00
00796Liver transplant-recipient30$1,250.00
00800Anesthesia for procedures on lower anterior abdominal wall3$126.00
00810Anesthesia for lower intestinal endoscopic procedures6$252.00
00820Anesthesia for procedures on lower posterior abdominal wall5$210.00
00830Anesthesia for hernia repairs in lower abdomen4$168.00
00832ventral and incisional hernias6$252.00
00840Anesthesia for intraperitoneal procedures in lower abdomen 6$252.00
00844abdominoperineal resection7$294.00
00860Anesthesia for extraperitoneal procedures in lower abdomen; inc urinary tract6$252.00
00862renal procedures, including upper 1/3 of ureter, or donor nephrectomy7$294.00
00864total cystectomy8$336.00
00865radical prostatectomy7$294.00
00868renal transplant10$420.00
00872Anesthsia for lithotripsy, with water bath7$294.00
00873Without water bath5$210.00
00880Anesthesia for procedures on major lower abdominal vessels15$630.00
00882inferior vena cava ligation10$420.00
00902Anesthesia for anorectal procedure5$210.00
00904radical perineal procedure7$294.00
00908perineal porstatectomy6$252.00
00910Anesthesia for transurethral procedures 3$126.00
00912transurethral resection of bladder tumors5$210.00
00914transurethral rescection of prostate5$210.00
00916post-transurethral resection bleeding5$210.00
00918With fragmentation, manip. or removal of ureteral calculus5$210.00
00920Anesthesia for procedures on male external genitalia3$126.00
00922seminal vesicles6$252.00
00926radical orchiectomy, inguinal4$168.00
00928radical orchiectomy, abdominal6$252.00
00930orchiopexy, unilateral or bilateral4$168.00
00932complete amputation of penis4$168.00
00934radical amputation of penis with bilateral inguinal lymphadenectomy6$252.00
00936radical amputation of penis with bilateral inguinal and iliac lymphadenectomy8$336.00
00938insertion of penile prosthesis (perineal approach)4$168.00
00940Anesthesia for vaginal procedures 3$126.00
00942colpotomy, colpectomy, colporrhaphy and open urethral 4$168.00
00944vaginal hysterectomy6$252.00
00948cervical cerclage4$168.00
00952Hysteroscopy and/or hysterosalpingography4$168.00
01112Anesthesia for bone marrow aspiration/iliac crest5$210.00
01120Anesthesia for procedures on bony pelvis6$252.00
01130Anesthesia for body cast application or revision3$126.00
01140Anesthesia for interpelviabdominal (hind quarter) amputation15$630.00
01160Anesthesia for closed procedures involving symphysis pubis or sacroiliac joint4$168.00
01170Anesthesia for open procedures involving symphysis pubis or sacroiliac joint8$336.00
01180Anesthesia for obturator neurectomy; extrapelvic3$126.00
01200Anesthesia for all closed procedures involving hip joint4$168.00
01202Anesthesia for arthroscopic procedures of hip joint4$168.00
01210Anesthesia for open procedures involving hip joint; not otherwise specified6$252.00
01212hip disarticulation10$420.00
01214total hip replacement or revision10$420.00
01215Revision total hip replacement10$420.00
01220Anesthesia for all closed procedures involving upper 2/3 of femur4$168.00
01230Anesthesia for open procedures involving upper 2/3 of femur6$252.00
01234radical resection8$336.00
01250Anesthesia for nerves, muscles, tendons, fascia, bursae of upper leg4$168.00
01260Anesthesia for all procedures involving veins of upper leg3$126.00
01270Anesthesia for procedures involving arteries of upper leg8$336.00
01272femoral artery ligation4$168.00
01274femoral artery embolectomy6$252.00
01320Anesthesia for nerves, muscles, tendons, fascia, bursae of knee, popliteal area4$168.00
01340Anesthesia for all closed procedures on lower 1/3 of femur4$168.00
01360Anesthesia for all open procedures on lower 1/3 of femur5$210.00
01380Anesthesia for all closed procedures on knee joint3$126.00
01382Anesthesia for arthroscopic procedures of knee joint3$126.00
01390Anesthesia for all closed procedures on upper ends of tibia, fibula, patella3$126.00
01392Anesthesia for all open procedures on upper ends of tibia, fibula, patella4$168.00
01400Anesthesia for open procedures or arthroscopic, knee4$168.00
01402total knee replacement7$294.00
01404disarticulation at knee5$210.00
01420Anesthesia for all cast applications, removal, or repair involving knee joint3$126.00
01430Anesthesia for procedures on veins of knee and popliteal area3$126.00
01432arteriovenous fistula5$210.00
01440Anesthesia for procedures on arteries of knee and popliteal area5$210.00
01442popliteal thromboendarterectomy, with or without patch graft8$336.00
01444popliteal excision and graft or repair for occlusion or aneurysm8$336.00
01462Anesthesia for all closed procedures on lower leg, ankle, and foot3$126.00
01464Anesthesia for arthroscopic procedures of ankle joint3$126.00
01470Anesthesia for nerves, muscles, tendons, fascia of lower leg, ankle, & foot3$126.00
01472repair of ruptured Achilles tendon, with or without graft5$210.00
01474gastrocnemius recession (e.g., Strayer procedure)5$210.00
01480Anesthesia/open procedures on bones of lower leg, ankle, and foot; 3$126.00
01482radical resection4$168.00
01484osteotomy or osteoplasty of tibia and/or fibula4$168.00
01486total ankle replacement7$294.00
01490Anesthesia for lower leg cast application, removal, or repair3$126.00
01500Anesthesia for procedures on arteries of lower leg, including bypass graft8$336.00
01502embolectomy, direct or with catheter6$252.00
01520Anesthesia for procedures on veins of lower leg3$126.00
01522venous thrombectomy, direct or with catheter5$210.00
01610Anesthesia / proc. on nerves, muscles, tendons, fascia, bursae/ upper leg5$210.00
01620Anesthesia for all closed procedures on humeral head and neck, 4$168.00
01622Anesthesia for arthroscopic procedures of shoulder joint4$168.00
01630Anesthesia for open procedures on humeral head and neck, 5$210.00
01632radical resection6$252.00
01634shoulder disarticulation9$378.00
01636interthoracoscapular (forequarter) amputation15$630.00
01638total shoulder replacement10$420.00
01650Anesthesia for procedures on arteries of shoulder/axilla6$252.00
01652axillary-brachial aneurysm10$420.00
01654bypass graft8$336.00
01656axillary-femoral bypass graft10$420.00
01670Anesthesia for all procedures on veins of shoulder and axilla4$168.00
01680Anesthesia for shoulder cast application, removal or repair; 3$126.00
01682shoulder spica4$168.00
01710Anesthesia/proc.on nerves, muscles, tendons, fascia, bursae of upper arm 3$126.00
01712tenotomy, elbow to shoulder, open5$210.00
01714tenoplasty, elbow to shoulder5$210.00
01716tenodesis, rupture of long tendon of biceps5$210.00
01730Anesthesia for all closed procedures on humerus and elbow3$126.00
01732Anesthesia for arthroscopic procedures of elbow joint3$126.00
01740Anesthesia for open procedures on humerus and elbow4$210.00
01742osteotomy of humerus5$210.00
01744repair of nonunion or malunion of humerus5$210.00
01756radical procedures6$252.00
01758excision of cyst or tumor of humerus5$210.00
01760total elbow replacement7$294.00
01770Anesthesia for procedures on arteries of upper arm and elbow8$336.00
01780Anesthesia for procedures on veins of upper arm and elbow3$126.00
01810Anesthesia/on nerves, muscles, tendons, fascia, bursae of forearm, wrist, hand3$126.00
01820Anesthesia for all closed procedures on radius, ulna, wrist, or hand bones3$126.00
01829Anesthesia for diagnostic arthroscopic procedures on wrist3$126.00
01830Anesthesia for open procedures on radius, ulna, wrist, or hand bones3$126.00
01832total wrist replacement6$252.00
01840Anesthesia for procedures on arteries of forearm, wrist, and hand6$252.00
01844Anesthesia for vascular shunt, or shunt revision, any type (eg, dialysis)6$252.00
01850Anesthesia for procedures on veins of forearm, wrist, and hand; 3$126.00
01860Anesthesia for forearm, wrist, or hand cast application, removal, or repair3$126.00
01905Anesthesia for injection procedure for myelography; 5$210.00
01916Anesthesia for diagnostic arteriograms, 5$210.00
01920Anesthesia for cardiac catheterization including coronary arteriography7$294.00
01922Anesthesia for non-invasive imaging or radiation therapy7$294.00
01951Anesthesia for 2nd and 3rd degree burn excision or debridement3$126.00
01952one percent-nine percent to nine percent total body surface5$210.00
01953each additional nine today body surface area1$42.00
01990Physiological support for harvesting organs from brain dead patient7$294.00
01991Anesthesia for diagnostic or therapeutic nerve blocks and injections3$126.00
01992prone position5$210.00
01995Regional IV administration of local anesthetic agent (upper or lower extremity)5$210.00
01996Daily management of epidural or subarachnoid drug administration3$126.00
01999Unlisted anesthesia procedure(s)BRBR
01999PAPatient Controlled Analgesia. Refer to R 418.10915 for payment conditions$137.00
99140Anesthesia performed as an emergency procedure2$84.00
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